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Dark Green Zucchini Squash Seeds

Dark Green Zucchini Squash Seeds


Dark Green Zucchini Summer Squash seeds produce a green squash variety with exceptionally high yields of flavorful zucchini.


When this long green squash is mature it can be up to 10-12" in length! Ideal for multiple cooking dishes and baked goods such as cakes, breads and muffins. A summer squash, this green zucchini is a delight in the kitchen.


History records that Columbus carried this then unfamiliar member of the cucumber family back to Europe after his first voyage. In Italy it acquired the name "zucchino," meaning a small squash; the French name for a zucchini, which the English later adopted, is "courgette." Italian immigrants later brought the zucchini back to the United States, where it became the most popular and commonly available variety of summer squash.

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