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Fall Garden Box

Fall Garden Box


Thise selection of 25 fall varieties will provide your garden with a beautiful bounty of leafy greens, root vegetables, brassicas and peas.  


25 Heirloom Seed Varieties Included:

  • Roquette Arugula
  • Early Wonder Tall Top Beet
  • Early Fall Rapini Broccoli
  • Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli
  • Long Island Brussel Sprout
  • Early Round Dutch Cabbage
  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot
  • Tendersweet Carrot
  • Snowball Y Improved Cauliflower
  • Georgian Southern Collard
  • Morris Heading Collard
  • Blue Curled Scotch Kale
  • Lacinato Dinosaur Kale
  • Purple Vienna Kohlrabi
  • Bibb Lettuce
  • Parris Island Cos Lettuce
  • Selway Red Lettuce
  • Florida Broadleaf Mustard
  • Red Giant Mustard
  • Super Sugar Snap Pea
  • Sparkler White Tip Radish
  • Noble Giant Spinach
  • Viroflay Spinach
  • Pink Swiss Chard
  • Purple Top Globe Turnip


*Garden boxes may be subjected to substitutions depending on seasonal availability. 


Regular Packaging: Seeds will be packaged with other seeds in your order.

Gift Packaging: Seeds will be packaged in a white gift box with tissue paper, stickers and a thank you card. A custom message can be added at no extra charge. 

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