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Fiesta Gitana Calendula Seeds

Fiesta Gitana Calendula Seeds


Fiesta Gitana Calendula is a compact, bushy annual with aromatic, dark green foliage and large double flowers. Flowers range in color from pale yellow to vivid orange and tend to be about 1.5 inches across. Flowers bloom from late spring to late summer. Plants tend to grow to 10 - 12 inches in height.


Great for your pollinator garden, butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects love them. Calendula can be used as a trap crop for aphids, whiteflies and thrips.


Calendula can also be used as a cut flower, adding brilliance to your flower vases.


Most importantly, Calendula has medicinal properties. The leaves and plants are both edible. The leaves are often added to salads and the fresh petals may be used for garnish or seasoning and is sometimes used as a saffron substitute.


The herb is said to be used for wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


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