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Vulgaris Thyme Seeds

Vulgaris Thyme Seeds

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Common Vulgaris Thyme is a dwarf, woody, evergreen. It is grown primarily as an aromatic culinary herb. Vulgaris Thyme is extremely hardy but has a milder flavor than other varieties. Thyme has been used for centuries as a culinary herb or herbal medicine. It is very fragrant and aromatic.


It forms a mound about 6-12 inches in height and 6-16 inches wide. Thyme prefers the dry, sandy rocky soils like those of the Mediterranean. It prefers full sun and requires good drainage. The plant is frost and drought-tolerant.

Thyme is a low-maintenance plant, but it should be trimmed whenever it gets leggy. It should be cut back in early spring and summer to reduce its woody growth. Transplanting is best done in the early spring.

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