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Green Globe Artichoke Seeds

Green Globe Artichoke Seeds


Green Globe Artichoke plants grow to height of 4 feet. The flower bud, the edible part of the artichoke plant, develops on a tall stem from the center of the plant. Green Globe artichoke plants produce three to four buds, which are 2 to 5 inches in diameter. If the artichoke bud is not harvested, it will open into an attractive purple thistle-like flower.


Green Globe Artichoke plants require a 120 day growing season, so direct sowing of seed in the spring is not recommended. In the extremely warm coastal areas of Zones 9 - 10, artichokes grow throughout the winter and begin bud growth in May. Harvest continues into mid-June. In the mid-range zones of the country, artichokes live through winter under the soil and begin new growth once the ground begins to warm in the spring.


Use a 3 or 4 inches planter and a nutrient-rich soil. Artichokes are slow to germinate, so allow three to four weeks for the seeds to sprout.


Seeds germinate in warm temperatures in the range of 70 to 80F. and slightly moist soil improves germination. Once sprouted, keep the soil moist but not soggy. Artichokes are heavy feeders too, so it’s advisable to begin weekly applications with a diluted fertilizer solution.


Once the seedlings are three to four weeks old, cull the weakest artichoke plants, leaving only one per pot. When the seedlings are ready for transplant into perennial beds, select a sunny location which has good drainage and rich, fertile soil.


When planting, space perennial artichoke plants a minimum of 4 feet apart. Seedlings require chill period (nights below 45F, but above freezing) to produce artichokes.


  • Perennial


  • Approximate Seed Count


    *Filled by weight

  • Planting Guide

    Ideal Temperature: 60-80F
    Germination Time: 7-21 days
    Maturity Date: Earliest harvest 75 but will continue to mature as a perennial.
    Plant Spacing: 36-48 inches
    Container Size: 20 gallon or 16-18in wide, 1 - 2 plants


  • Sowing Recommendation

    start indoor 3 months before consistant 40F temperatures

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