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Habanada Pepper Seeds

Habanada Pepper Seeds


The Habanada Pepper is the world’s first truly heatless habanero. These exceptional snacking peppers have all of the fruity and floral notes of the habanero without any spice. They make great pepper jams and fruit salsas.


Habanadas were created by an organic plant breeder from Cornell University this pepper is not an heirloom from age, but by the fact that it is a stabilized cross that you can save seeds from. The Habanada took approximately 13 generations of plants to be fully stable. We normally only carry time-aged heirlooms, but this was the most requested pepper by our customers. Our family has very much enjoyed eating these peppers and they will remain a staple in our home garden.


Habanadas feature blocky, wrinkled peppers measure about 1 to 2 inches long and slightly less wide, maturing from silvery green to bright orange on the plant. Fruit is most nutritious if allowed to ripen on the plant.

  • Type


  • Approximate Seed Count


    *Filled by weight

  • Planting Guide

    Ideal Temperature: 70-95F
    Germination Time: 7-20 days
    Maturity Date: 100 days
    Plant Spacing: 10-12 inches
    Container Size: 5 gallons, 1-2 plants


  • Sowing Recommendation

    start indoors 8 weeks before consistent 60F temps.

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