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Italiko Rosso Italian Dandelion Seeds

Italiko Rosso Italian Dandelion Seeds

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Italiko Rosso Italian Dandelion boasts beautiful, bright red stems and deep green leaves. Baby leaves add great tangy flavor to salads or are good as a cooked green.  This delicious heirloom is not a true dandelion, but actually a member of the chicory family.


Italian Dandelions grow upright, growing from 2-4 ft. tall, have large, deep green leaves, and boast clusters of 1-3, adorable, pastel blue blooms. An easy to grow plant, that will grow anywhere, as long as it's sunny, with relatively fertile, well-draining soil.


Originally native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia, their nutritious leaves and flowers, and can be eaten raw in salads, or cooked in soups, and sautés. When cooked, its flavor is similar to collard greens.  However, in Louisiana where my family is from, chicory is more commonly known for its roots being dried and roasted to be used as a coffee substitute, or added to coffee to enhance its flavor

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