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Red Noodle Pole Bean

Red Noodle Pole Bean


Red Noodle Beans, also called Asparagus Beans and Red Yard Long Beans. A true favorite around here.  We couldn't get enough of the unique, nutty flavor of this bean in our testing gardens. This doesn’t have to be for just Asian cooking. The beans are long but tender and can be cut into pieces and treated just like green beans. Note: Red Noodle Beans turn green when cooked. 

 Plants grow tall and will need support as they grow, but are worth the garden space. Plants produce incredible amounts of 2-3 foot long bright red beans. This was our most prolific bean last summer. It's a must have in your garden. 

  • Pole


  • Approximate Seed Count


    *Filled by weight

  • Planting Guide

    Ideal Temperature: 75-95 F
    Germination Time: 6-10 days
    Maturity Date: 85 days
    Plant Spacing: 4 inches
    Container Size: 5 gallon; 12 in diameter, 4 plants


  • Sowing Recommendation

    direct sow after consistent 65F temperatures

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