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Ruby Queen Beet Seeds

Ruby Queen Beet Seeds


Ruby Queen's round, smooth-skinned beets are exceptionally tender with an earthy beet flavor. Ringless and deep red, they retain their color when canned or pickled.

An early maturing variety, it performs in poor soils and holds its shape when crowded.

Ruby Queen prefers cooler temperatures. Beet seeds can be sown in the spring for an early summer harvest or in late summer for a fall harvest.

For the best germination rate, soak beet seeds in lukewarm water for 24 hours prior to planting. 

  • Approximate Seed Count


    *Filled by weight

  • Planting Guide

    Ideal Temperature: 50-85F
    Germination Time: 5-10 days
    Maturity Date: 40-55 days
    Plant Spacing: 3-4 inches
    Container Size: 1 gallon; 6in diameter, 3 plants


  • Sowing Recommendation

    direct sow after consistant 40F temperatures

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