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Strawberry Spinach Seeds

Strawberry Spinach Seeds


Strawberry Spinach has been grown in Europe since the 1600's. It's a cold-weather plant that’s related to spinach and is entirely edible. The leaves, roots, and fruits can be eaten raw or cooked. It tends to self-seed and our Gulf Coast region grows as a perennial. The red berries should be picked when they are dark red. They do not taste like strawberries, they have a taste similar to mulberries with a slightly floral note.


Strawberry Spinach can tolerate a light frost. It is also more heat tolerant than other spinach and is less likely to bolt to seed in hot, dry conditions.

Strawberry spinach grows to about two feet tall and keeps producing as you pick the leaves. Many grow them in containers to prevent them from spreading. They have deep roots so ensure you have a pot that can accommodate their 12in roots.

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