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White Wonder Cucumber Seeds

White Wonder Cucumber Seeds


 The White Wonder is an heirloom variety introduced in 1893 that produces a high yield of delicious light or white-colored cucumbers!

Use White Wonder Cucumbers in salads or for pickling - or even eat them raw. They are great for fried pickles too! White Wonder Cucumbers are very productive, even in hot weather. They thrive in our gulf coast test gardens.


As with all cucumbers, make sure to provide them with a trellis. 

  • Approximate Seed Count


    *Filled by weight

  • Planting Guide

    Ideal Temperature: 70-90F
    Germination Time: 7-14 days
    Maturity Date: 60-65 days
    Plant Spacing: 8-10 inches
    Container Size: 5 gallon, 2 plants


  • Sowing Recommendation

    start indoors 4-6 weeks before consistent 60F temperatures

    direct sow after consistent 60F temperatures

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