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Tokyo Bekana Mustard Green Seeds

Tokyo Bekana Mustard Green Seeds


Tokyo Bekana Mustard is a delicious mustard variety that originates from Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo Bekana produces large ruffled, tender light green leaves. It is enriched with protein, vitamin K, B6, B2, A, C, E, and minerals like iron.

Asian brassica with the texture of Pak Choi but the flavor of a mild mustard. Because of this, you will often see it referred to as a “Asian Cabbage”. We love it because you can eat it as a salad green or cook in stir-fries. Great for cut and come again technique and can be harvested all season long.


Plants are cold-hardy and become more peppery as the hot weather sets in. Easy to grow in spring, summer, or fall. Tolerant of light frost and more heat tolerant than true Pak Choi.

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    direct sow

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